WOOCS 2.2.5

Our Quality

  • “Super Resist” is Escargot’s chlorine resistant swimwear fabric.
  • It is 20 times less likely to degrade in chlorinated pools and more fade resistant than Nylon Lycra and has the added benefit of being quick drying. Perfect for the pool and the beach!
  • Nylon Spandex, super stretchy for perfect fit, quick drying and UPF 50+.
  • All of our fabrics have a sun protection factor of UPF50+ and have been tested and approved by Australian and NZ Standards. It’s incredibly important to protect our children from sun damage and we are passionate about this.

We also create Milk Cotton jumpsuits. Australian Milk Cotton is a natural super soft fabric that is a relatively new fabric technology.

“Just as milk nurtures, milk cotton will care and nourish your baby’s precious skin”

It is perfect for baby wear given its properties:

  • It’s breathable
  • It’s super soft on the skin

Milk Cotton is produced by extracting the proteins naturally found in cows milk and combining it with cotton.